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Young drivers

How it works

Passing your test and buying a car is a milestone event but it can be expensive. There’s the car itself, car tax, fuel, servicing and maintenance and, of course, insurance. At Dash Hound Insurance, we have teamed up with one of the UK’s largest insurers to offer you a product that is among the most competitively priced insurance available for young drivers in Northern Ireland.

Dash Hound uses telematics technology to reward good driving, whilst allowing you to track your progress and have direct control over the premium you’ll be paying in the future.

When you buy your Dash Hound insurance policy, a small telematics box, around half the size of a mobile phone, will be fitted to your vehicle. It will be professionally fitted by an approved engineer and will be hidden from view, so only you will know it’s there. Once in place, you don’t need to worry about switching it on or recording your journeys on your phone.

Each time you drive, you will be given a score of between 1% and 100%. A map will help you identify where you’re driving well and where you could do better. Every 100 miles, you will receive a score out of 100% and this represents your driver rating.

Your score will be influenced by several factors, including speed, acceleration, braking and cornering, as well as the time of day you do most of your driving, meaning that you are in control of your future premiums.

Provided you drive well, there won’t be any nasty surprises during the life of the policy. Bad driving or an “Extreme Driving Event” could mean that you will have to pay more. You can read more about this in our FAQ section.

At the end of the year, insurers will use your driving habits to calculate your renewal premium, rewarding you for safe driving throughout the year, or penalising you for poor driving.

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Young drivers

How it

Easy Installation

It's quick and easy to install, whether you’re at home, school or work.

Drive Safely

You will gather a score which will improve with careful driving.

Save Money

The good news is when you drive safely you will be rewarded!

for Parents

Caulfield Insurnace

Because your children are your pride and joy, we help them insure their pride and joy by encouraging and rewarding safe driving.

Rather than charge a high premium up front, with a promise of discounts further down the line, we give you the best price when the policy is taken out. After that, it’s up to your son or daughter to drive responsibly to ensure that the price remains low.

Your son or daughter will be given access to all of this information and, with their permission (as they are the policyholder), you can monitor their driving habits, identify issues and help with these. Updates will be given every 100 miles, with a score out of 100%. It’s important to keep this score as high as possible to ensure that the maximum discount can be given at next renewal.

The Dash Hound box uses GPS technology to track the whereabouts of the vehicle, meaning that it can be located quickly in the event of a theft or accident.

Dash Hound is part of the Caulfield Insurance Group who have been around for over 65 years. Dash Hound allows us to offer your child competitively priced insurance with a reputable insurer, whilst giving you complete peace of mind.