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  • What is Dash Hound?

    Dash Hound is a brand new product for young drivers from Caulfield Insurance. It uses telematics technology to monitor your driving habits and encourages and rewards safe driving with low premiums.

  • How can Dash Hound save me money?

    We have negotiated an exclusive deal with trusted insurers to be able to bring you heavily discounted premiums. Because the Dash Hound box monitors your driving habits, you aren’t paying the premium for an ‘average’ young driver but one that’s unique to you and your driving habits. By encouraging you to become a safer driver, you can keep your premiums low, whilst building up your No Claims Bonus. Driving in this way will also increase the fuel efficiency of your car, reducing the amount you spend at the pump.

  • What does the Dash Hound box look like and where is it fitted?

    The Dash Hound box is a little black box, roughly half the size of a mobile phone and no bigger than the palm of your hand. It will usually be fitted, completely out of view, behind the dashboard on the passenger’s side, but occasionally on the driver’s side. Only you will know it’s there.

  • Can the Dash Hound box be turned off?

    No – it’s a condition of your policy that the device must not be tampered with. If it is tampered with, your policy will be cancelled.

  • Can I drive my car before the Dash Hound Box is fitted?

    Yes – you can begin driving as soon as cover begins. You will have 14 days for the box to be fitted and we will arrange this for you. A qualified engineer will fit the box for you at a time and place that suits you – home, school or work.

  • What information does my Dash Hound box record?

    The technology used in the Dash Hound box monitors and records the time and date of each journey, as well as its duration. It will record your speed, braking frequency and force and how smoothly you accelerate. It also records the time spent stationary.

  • Do I have access to this information?

    Yes, you can see all of the data either by logging on to the website. We will send you log on details when you take out your policy. The box will generate a score after each journey of between 1%-100% miles and a helpful map showing you where you did well or lost points. After every 100 miles, you will receive a profile score out of 100% that represents your driver rating.

  • So, how does this make me a better driver?

    At first, you will probably be very conscious that they Dash Hound Box is there. You will check the website frequently to monitor your progress. As time goes on, we expect that you will become less conscious of it and check the website less but by then, you will hopefully have formed a habit of driving smoothly and safely.

  • How can I improve my score?

    Speed influences your driving the most, followed by acceleration, then braking and cornering. To see the fastest improvement in your scores, drive at or below the speed limits, accelerate moderately and allow yourself enough time to brake gently. Restricting late-night journeys will also improve your score, as many accidents happen at night.

  • Is there a curfew?

    No – it’s your car and you’re free to drive it whenever you like, however, many accidents do occur at night and frequently driving after 10pm will reduce your score, which could increase your renewal premium.

  • Where can I drive?

    Dash Hound will cover you in Northern Ireland, the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Cover in the Republic of Ireland is limited to social, domestic and pleasure only.

  • Is there a mileage limit?

    We will ask you to estimate your annual mileage when we give you a quote. This will affect your premium as your risk of claiming increases the more miles you do. We will keep an eye on your miles travelled and let you know if you’re likely to exceed your estimate. Your estimated mileage can be increased, however you will be charged extra for the additional risk you pose. Don’t be tempted to underestimate your miles to save premium as distance is recorded, together with the rest of your driving data and you will be charged for any additional miles you do.

  • What if my score remains low?

    If your driving habits result in a low score, your insurers will use this information at renewal. A low score is likely to lead to an increased premium when the policy is due for renewal. Your Dash Hound box will record ‘Red Alerts’ and ‘Extreme Driving Events’ and this information will be available to your insurers, who can impose fines or even cancel cover.

  • What are Red Alerts and Extreme Driving Events?

    If your policy is with AXA – terms and conditions are available here 

    If your policy is with LV or Highway Bespoke – terms and conditions are available here

    If your policy is with Markerstudy – terms and conditions are available here 

  • Will my location be tracked?

    Insurers have no interest in your location. They will use the information recorded purely to build up a picture of the type of driver you are. If an impact is recorded and the vehicle remains stationary for a period of time, they may contact you to make sure you’re safe or alert the emergency services.

  • If I break the speed limit will the police be notified?

    No, your insurers don’t notify the police of any offences. They will only disclose data to the authorities with your permission or where they are required to do so by law (for example, following a serious accident).

  • What if I perform an emergency stop?

    All drivers have to stop suddenly at some point and this is fine. It is consistently sharp braking that will result in a reduction of your score.

  • What if someone else is driving my car?

    If someone else is driving your car, it is your responsibility to inform them that the Dash Hound box will record their journey. Their journey will form part of your driving history, so it is important that you trust them not to drive badly.

  • What happens if I have an accident?

    As with any accident, you should notify us as soon as possible. If a collision is recorded and you haven’t reported it, your insurers will contact you to obtain details of the event.

  • Are there any hidden costs?

    No – provided you attend the fitting appointment and drive safely. The cost of the Dash Hound box is £168 (including fitting), but this is included in the premium we quote you. The circumstances which can trigger additional charges are:

        • Failure to attend your fitting appointment – £54.00
        • Should you wish to change your car during the period of your insurance there is a £168 charge to fit a device to your new car
        • In the event of ‘Red Alert’ or ‘Extreme Driving Events’, where your car is being driven at excessive speed there may be a fine imposed as follows;
        • If your driving score results in a red journey, we will send you a warning letter giving you 28 days to improve it. If you incur a second red journey within the 28 days, we reserve the right to charge an additional premium of £150.00.
        • If your driving score results in a third red journey within 60 days of the first red journey, we reserve the right to charge a further additional premium of £250.00.
        • If your driving score results in a fourth red journey within 90 days of the first red journey we reserve the right to cancel your policy subject to a 7 day Road Traffic Act cancellation notice.
    • If an “Extreme Driving Event” is logged, for example if your car is driven at more than 100mph, insurers reserve the right to cancel your policy, subject to a 7-day Road Traffic Act cancellation notice.
    • You will be charged £72.00 for any requests to remove the box during the period of insurance. The policy must be cancelled if the box is removed. There is no requirement to remove the box following cancellation – it will simply deactivate.
    • If your driving score is consistently poor, without triggering any Extreme Driving Events, your premium will be more expensive at renewal.
    • If you cancel the policy within the 14-day cooling off period, we cannot refund the charge for the Dash Hound box. You can view the full

    terms and conditions here



  • What if I sell my car?

    If you change your car but wish to keep your Dash Hound policy, you must notify us and pay a charge of £168 to fit a device to your new car. Once you do this, the old box will stop transmitting information within 2 days. We recommend that you advise the purchaser of your old car that the box is fitted. To have the box removed before you sell your car, there will be a charge of £72.00.

  • Do I need to return the Dash Hound box if I cancel?

    Once the policy is cancelled, the Dash Hound box will stop transmitting data within 2 days. If you still wish to have it removed, there will be a charge of £72.00.

  • What happens when my policy is due for renewal?

    After you’ve been driving for a year with Dash Hound, your insurers will have built up a good picture of your driving habits. These will be used to calculate your premium for the next year. Depending on your scores, the premium could go up or down, so it’s important to monitor the progress of your driving to ensure it’s safe as well as consistent. At renewal, your quotation will include a charge of £30.00 for processing your data for that year.

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